“As an international television production company, we are always in search of experienced talent for our shows and Fulcher Agency has been one of our key agencies.
Monte-Brooks Productions has worked with Fulcher Agency for many years and find the agency to be extremely professional and 100% reliable. They have always provided us with excellent service and their talent is well prepared for our shoots.
Fulcher is one of our top “go to” agencies in Toronto. We’re never worry when it’s a Fulcher model/actor booked for our shoots!”
Linda B.
Monte-Brooks Productions

“I have worked with Fulcher Agency for many years and know them to be a reputable and professional model and talent agency. Fulcher has always provided a roster of quality union and non-union talent for many of my castings. I would not hesitate to recommend Fulcher Agency to ay of our clients and anticipate continued success with our working relationship.”
Stephanie Gorin Casting Inc.

I consider Fulcher Agency to be a valuable talent resource for my projects having booked many of their talent over my 10+ yrs as a casting director. Fulcher stand out as being consistently fair and professional in their approach to the business of running an agency in an industry where ethics and professionalism are not always the norm. This is evident in their prompt and thorough submissions, timely response when feedback is required and knowledge of the nuances of the casting process. I look forward to a continued relationship with Fulcher and wish them continued success!”
Stephen Milo
Milo Casting

“For many years now, it has always been a pleasure for me to audition the wonderfully gifted and diverse talent represented by the Fulcher Agency.”
Lisa Parasyn Casting 

“We’d both like to take this opportunity to say thanks!  Every time we’ve used your agency we have been extremely satisfied!   Both you and your roster are highly professional.  We have never had issues with late, cancelled or absent cast members and the actors that end up on our sets are always very professional and highly talented.”
Jen O., CTV News Promotions
Sameer N., TSN Promotions

“We have had numerous occasions to work with Fulcher Agency on projects over the past years. We’ve worked together on campaigns for clients such as Bell, Quaker and Cnd Cancer Society , to name a few.
Fulcher’s operation consist of a professional crew and competent roster which places them among the most highly sought professional agencies in Toronto.”
Michael Graf
Graf Studios

“When ever we do large calls for talent I know to keep an eye out for talent represented by The Fulcher Agency.  Their talent knows that modelling is more than just looking pretty and standing in front of a camera.  They know to perform and create a character for print as they would in live-action. 
It also helps that the agency behind the talent is professional, courteous and conscientiousness. A winning combination for any producer, director or photographer.”
Hasnain Dattu
Dattu Photo

“I have been a member of Fulcher Agency for a few years now, and when someone asks… “How is Fulcher as an agency?”, I describe them as an agency with values that I have found….
The agents are the first people on my mind… two great, smart (sometimes too fast for me 😉 and lovely people that I have met when I joined and everyone else from Fulcher that I have met later on. Wow! Thank you”
Fulcher Actor/Model

“We have contracted Fulcher Agency many times to provide non union actors for our corporate and social media videos. We have found Fulcher staff, as well as the actors we’ve worked with, to be extremely professional, thorough and accommodating. They are our go-to agency.” 
Renee P.
Flashframe Digital Media

“I have been working with Fulcher Agency using the performance part of their roster often in the last few years. The Agency has always been thoroughly professional, as has its clients, both those working toward membership and those who are fully ACTRA.”
Gail Carr
Casting Director

“It is with great pleasure that I write in.  I’m the Senior Fashion Department Head of Complections College of Makeup Art and Design in Toronto Canada. Fulcher Agency is a go-to Model and Talent Agency for me.  We have worked together for over 15 years.  They and their talent are some of the most professional I have encountered.  I always say to them, “you make me look like a hero”.  I highly recommend Fulcher.  It is one of the best!”
Barbara A.
CMU – College of Makeup Art

“Working with Clarissa is always a pleasure – professional and most helpful. The agency has always met my clients’ needs for talent in every age group.”
Brandon Barre
Brandon Barre Photography

“Fulcher Agency has been incredibly easy to work with and their talent have always been very professional.”
Matt M.
Producer, TwoThreeFive Films

“As an actor and model going to auditions, I always feel well prepared because I know that my agents have provided me all of the information (scripts, breakdowns, etc.) available. I can’t tell you how often I hear other actors or models complaining because their agents haven’t provided them the script in time for the audition or provided misinformation! Thanks for your support; I’m really enjoying the industry!”
Fulcher Actor/Model