The Decade club

We’re so fortunate to have a great roster of talent and the faces shown here are some actors/models who have been with us for 10 YEARS or longer!!! They’re like family to us and we love watching them grow professionally. Thank you, thank you to them and ALL our talent.
Here’s to many more successful years!

Clarissa C., owner/agent at Fulcher Agency Inc.
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Busy weekend booking actors!

What a busy weekend we just had! Lots of bookings for our actors in these tv series, promos and commercials:
Ray & Catherine – Bizarre Murders
Graciela & Chiharu – Designated Survivor
Nicholas – Sportsnet
Martin – See No Evil
Donna – Hatchimals
Laura – CHFI

Congrats to all #fulcheragency actors!


Candy Crush commercial

Here’s Fulcher talent Elizabeth R (middle with pink hair) and Kristi S (far right, grey wig with pom poms) in a @CandyCrushSaga commercial! What fun!
#candycrushsaga #fulcheragency