How do I choose the right agency for me?
Like any industry, there are good and bad companies. When choosing the right agency, you must rely on their experience (Fulcher Agency has been in business over 25 years), the clients and casting directors the agency works with, and the successes of their models/actors. Agency testimonials. They should not charge a “registration” fee or yearly dues. You also should feel comfortable with the agency’s staff, when you meet them.

What are the requirements for talent (models & actors)
Commercial (Lifestyle) models, females or males, can be of any age & size and looks range from character to beautiful for everyday product and service advertising. We do find that females 5’6″+ and males 5’10″+ tend to be booked more often in this competitive market.  A good commercial print model moves well for the camera and has an ability to do a full range of facial expressions.

It’s highly recommended that models have some basic acting skills and training as many print castings are now combined with a tv commercial component.

Fashion… Typically, a female fashion model in the competitive Toronto market is 5′ 10” (occasionally 5’9”) to 5′ 11″ tall, size 3-6, and approximately 15 to 25 years of age. Male fashion models are 6′ 0″ to 6′ 2″ tall, jacket size 40 to 42, and approximately 18 to 28 years of age. Fulcher does not have a fashion division, but we do a few fashion castings for those who meet the criteria.

Models should be fit and have clear skin. Everyone’s look is unique, but more important than any physical feature is attitude, personality and professionalism. This will inspire the hiring client to book the right talent.

Actors: Can be any age and size but must have appropriate training to be marketed.

Kids: Fulcher Agency represents kids starting at 4 years and most important to us is that they are not shy, can take direction, and have a great personality!

Do I have to spend money to be a model or actor?
Models & Actors are considered self employed and independent contractors. They are, in essence, starting their own business. When you’re opening a new business, you must invest in that business for it to succeed. You are responsible for marketing tools such as, photos, comp cards, casting website subscriptions, acting training and/or workshops.

If an agency really likes me, shouldn’t they pay for everything?
This is a common misconception. Unless the agency is run by wealthy, kindhearted financiers, that won’t happen. Many agencies have LOANED the funds for photos, training, casting website subscriptions and other materials in the past, only to get stiffed by the very same people they tried to help. Agencies are not banks and therefore should not be expected to loan money.
If a model/actor is serious about being in the business, they need to be aware and responsible for their expenses.

*** Fulcher Agency does NOT have any “registration” fees or yearly dues ***

Do I have to have a portfolio?
For a model, yes! Not having a portfolio for a go see/open call is like going to a job interview without a resume. In order for any agency to start marketing you as a commercial or fashion model, you will need a few good pictures. A portfolio is a fashion/commercial model’s book of photos that is built up over time, not in one day. For fashion models, in particular, it’s a lengthy and expensive procedure called “testing” but is necessary to stay competitive and working. You start one with your first test shoot with a photographer and slowly add to your book with more testing and tear sheets (models print work that is ‘torn’ from magazines and catalogs they have done).

Actor’s photos?
Actors need copies of at least one professional 8×10 headshot. This headshot can be used for a while, provided the actor’s look doesn’t change. Most actor’s will also have a few other shots (business, casual, etc) to show versatility.

Cost for photos?
Prices for photo shoots vary depending on the photographer you’re shooting with: Their experience,  how many looks are included, if styling is included (hair stylist & make-up artist), and cost of enlargements/digitals. Contact photographers for their pricing.

Do I have to take training to become a model?
NO, not for commercial/lifestyle modeling.
For fashion modelling, also no… but, it helps for runway. Most choreographers don’t want to work with total beginners.

What about for acting?
Actors should always train and usually do so for the duration of their careers… especially if they want to remain competitive in the industry. Most top movie stars still train with acting coaches & dialogue coaches for upcoming roles and to improve their craft.
Fulcher Agency is a principal talent agency, so all our actors must have related training on their resumes. We can help recommend some reputable acting schools in Toronto.

How long does it take before I start working and making money?
There are no guarantees in this industry, it could take weeks or many months. Signing with an agency is only the first step. You need to first be selected for an audition and then land the job. Stars are not born overnight. If you ever watch biographies about movie & tv stars or listen to their award acceptance speeches, many will talk about how they worked hard & struggled for years before they got their big break.

How do I get started?
Fill out our submission form which will give us info about you, a photo and your contact details. We’ll then be in touch with you.