Talent we represent
We are a boutique size, principal talent agency representing union & non-union actors for TV series, commercials, feature film, short films, videos and print.
Actors must have strong resumes with proper, on camera training and tv/film experience to be considered for our agency.

We don’t represent background performers (extras), theatre actors or models.

Are there any fees to join?
No! Fulcher Agency does NOT have any registration fees or yearly dues. We work on industry standard commission: 15% for tv/film and 20% for print.

What do I need to be marketed?
A current, professional 8×10 actor headshots and a proper actor’s resume. Many actor’s will also have a few other shots (business, casual, etc) to show versatility. It’s recommended that headshots be updated every year or two.
You’ll also need to subscribe to and have your profile on some casting websites such as:  Casting Workbook and Actors Access

How long does it take before I start working?
There are no guarantees in this industry! It could take a month or a year before you get a booking. Signing with an agency is only the first step… You need to first be selected for an audition… and then land the job.

Can I act part time on evenings & weekends?
No. Fulcher Agency represents professional actors who take this industry seriously. We expect our talent to be available for auditions or arrange their schedule to accommodate an audition time, as most cannot be changed.
Currently, most auditions are by “self tape”. You’ll need to know how to record yourself in a space with proper lighting and a plain background… and do some basic video editing to submit. In-person auditions are rare right now (due to Coronavirus), but are usually M-F, 9am – 6pm.
If you work full time or cannot be flexible, we suggest not seeking representation at this time.

I’m not a Canadian citizen. Can you represent me?
No… You must be able to work here legally. Canada has a complicated tax system for film &  television productions. Productions can only hire Canadian citizens (some may hire landed immigrant with full PR status) and actors often must reside in the province where the filming is taking place.