Family seeking representation

We┬árepresent actors & families residing in (or within 50 km of) Toronto. All must be Canadian citizens. Families are marketed for tv commercials and print ad roles only and, therefore, it’s not required to have prior experience or training. As most auditions are by “self tape”, you will need a camera (or cell phone) that can record videos and a space with a plain background & good lighting.

We’re looking for families with both parents and at least 2 young children (age 4-13). All must have somewhat flexible schedules…. If you’re selected for a booking, shoot dates are set ahead of time and cannot be changed. You’ll be required to keep a full day available as the shoot can be anywhere from a few hours to a full day.
Currently, there is a big demand for BIPOC families.

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    All should be front-facing & prefer smiling. No sunglasses or hats.

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    Due to the many submissions we receive, we’re only contacting those we have current need for and are interested in meeting. Thank you.