Fulcher Agency is a principal talent agency representing union and non-union actors with a print division for lifestyle models.

Fulcher Agency works with top film & television casting directors. There are no physical limitations for actors. We represent ages 4-80, all sizes, and ethnic backgrounds leaving the industry open to anyone who has tenacity, talent and confidence. Actors MUST have proper on camera training (and preferably some experience) on their resumes to be considered for our agency… We don’t represent background performers (extras) or theatre actors.

For those interested in acting but have no experience/training, we offer Quick Start workshop & photo shoot which will give you all the tools needed to be submitted for tv commercial auditions ONLY. Beyond that, we can recommend some reputable acting schools in the city.

Our print division represents females/males for commercial print, also known as “Real People” or “Lifestyle” modeling. There is no age or size requirement, however for height, we find that females 5’5″+ and males 5’9″+ are preferred by most clients. These models are employed to advertise products such as cell phones, cars, household items, banks, food, travel destinations, sporting equipment and more.

It’s become more common for companies to hire print models that can also be featured in their tv commercial campaigns; this requires some acting experience and/or basic training. A few acting classes or a workshop that focus on auditioning skills and how to work on a set, will open up more job opportunities than print modelling alone… especially in the busy Toronto commercial industry.

At Fulcher, we highly encourage models to develop skills in both fields to make themselves more marketable and an asset in this business.

Other types of modelling:
Modeling for cosmetics, beauty supplies and hair products. You should have clear skin, a great face and healthy hair. Age, height and size requirements are much more lenient.

In the highly competitive Toronto market, a female model is typically 5’10” – 5’11”  and very slim. A male model is between 6’0″- and 6’2″ and very fit. Work here is typically editorial spreads for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Flare or InStyle, runway shows and catalogue. Most clients use only very experienced models that have developed to a professional level.  Fulcher Agency does not have a fashion model division.