Why Models Should Have Some Acting Skills

“Modeling and acting are different arts, no doubt. But for being different they are awfully similar in many ways and the transition from modeling to acting is a well-established route of many performance artists. Mark Wahlberg famously modeled Calvin Klein underwear and Channing Tatum was a heartthrob in Abercrombie advertisement before they became Hollywood stars. Charlize Theron became huge in the fashion industry before she embarked on long and successful film careers.”*

Models who aren’t interested in transitioning fully to acting, but would like to be involved in tv commercials, having some basic acting skills will open up many more opportunities than print modeling alone.

Commercial models are employed to advertise products such as food, household items, banks, travel destinations, sporting equipment, and more. It has become more common for corporations to want print models they hire, to also be featured in their tv commercial campaigns… This requires acting experience and/or training. Attending a few acting classes or workshops that focus on auditioning skills and how to work on a set, will make you more of an asset in this business… Especially the busy Toronto commercial industry!

There are many good acting schools in Toronto: Second City, LB Studios, Armstrong Acting & Actors Pro Lab, to name a few, for tv & film studies. Some of these offer lengthy courses costing hundreds or over a thousand dollars… Great for developing actors. However, if you’re looking to just “get your feet wet” and be marketed for tv commercials, a good workshop teaching some basic acting skills and auditioning techniques, including do’s and don’ts, is a less costly option and all you need to start.

* from H. Kantilaftis, nyfa.edu
** “Slateshot” is a slate slate video used on your Actors Access profile